Winter Trails OverviewNordicTownUSA boasts great terrain, great snow, and sunny skies.  The area offers over 200km of groomed Nordic Trails every year. The BCRD manages and grooms over 160 km of this terrain including over 50km of trails around Galena Lodge in the heart of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Sun Valley Company maintains 50 km surrounding a luxurious lodge.

Come enjoy a ski or snowshoe on the many trails or visit the area for one of the premier events every year like the Boulder Mountain Tour, the culminating event of the annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival.

North Valley Trails

The North Valley Trails cover almost 115k of terrain north of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The main systems include the Lake Creek trails, Billy’s Bridge, North Fork Loop, the Harriman Trail, Prairie Creek Loop, and the Galena Lodge Trails. The North Valley Trails are mostly located in the beautiful Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Don’t miss a stop at Galena Lodge to taste the amazing cuisine and good service from Don Shepler and Erin Zell who manage the lodge or take that first lesson. Over Galena pass, one can find the Alturas and Park Creek trails. Alturas Lake is supported by BCRD and offered by Sawtooth Ski Club. Park Creek is supported by Sawtooth Ski Club and the City of Stanley, Idaho. More info on the 50k of Sun Valley Nordic Trails HERE.

MAPS: (Click on pictures below to download pdf of maps.)

All Trails Overview
NordicTownUSA – Over 200k of Nordic and snowshoe fun!
Galena Winter Trails
Over 50k of Nordic and snowshoe terrain @ Galena Lodge!
The Harriman Trail
Explore all 32k of this tour of the Boulder Mountains!
Prairie Creek & Billy’s Bridge
Wilderness cross country at its finest!
North Fork
A 4k loop close to town @ SNRA headquarters!
Lake Creek
Where the SVSEF trains-try this tough terrain!
Alturas Lake
Over the pass and by the lake!
Park Creek
Scenic skiing close to Stanley!

Croy Creek Nordic

The Croy Creek Trail was created in 2010 as a result of collaboration between Blaine County, Wood River Bicycle Coalition, Blaine County Recreation District, and was funded by a grant from Specialized Bicycle Co.  The idea was to increase connectivity and give cyclists a non-motorized way to access the Croy Trail system when riding from Hailey.
Phase I of the project (Carbonate to Democrat) was completed in the fall 2010 using all volunteer labor.  Phase II is underway and will extend to Trailhead Dr. with an anticipated completion date of summer 2011.
Trail development around Hailey and Bellevue has been limited by two factors: geology and private property.  The steep canyon walls formed by the underlying sedimentary rocks of the Milligen and Wood River Formations are not conducive to sustainable trail building.  Where the landscape is not as steep, private ownership often prevents construction of public trail systems.
Croy Canyon contains a large amount of public property managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Combine the rolling landscape created by the underlying Challis Volcanics with reasonable access across private land and the potential for developing new trails exists.  This potential was realized with the construction of more than fifteen-miles of short-loop, single-track trail on the north side of the drainage in 2009.
Though the new trails in the Croy Canyon network are open to all user groups (with some limitations), they were built with two-wheeled users in mind. The meandering routes and large-radius, bermed switchbacks make riding these trails both challenging and fun.  It will take many laps to master the timing necessary to execute a perfect run.
Trailheads: There are five trailheads out Croy Canyon.  They are listed in order of distance from the downtown Hailey stoplight.  The Carbonate trailhead (.4 mi) at the base of Carbonate Mountain has a toilet, dog waste bags, and space for many cars.  The Lambs Gulch trailhead (2.7 mi) is located one mile out Democrat Gulch with limited parking and no services.   The Rodeo Drive site (3.3 mi) has limited parking at the end of this residential turn-around.  The Croy Creek trailhead (3.7 mi) has nearly unlimited parking, a pit toilet, space for numerous trailers, and is a destination in and of itself.  The Hailey Community Bike Park is located next to the main parking lot.  While the area has long served as a heavy-use motorized zone, many of the old trails have been closed for rehabilitation.  An entirely new system of multi-use, single-track trails is planned to augment the existing motocross track.  Weekly short-track mountain bike races are held here every summer, hosted by Sun Valley Road and Dirt.  The Bullion Gulch trailhead (5.7 mi) offers a small parking area at the start of the Bull Dog trail 1.6 miles up Bullion Gulch.

The Wood River Trail

This winter trail during winter is groomed for Nordic skiing and is free and open to the public and visitors. Enjoy a ski or walk up and down the Wood River Valley on this historic route through our community. This path is non motorized only in both seasons.

Wood River Trail
Groomed from Bellevue to Ketchum all winter!